Winnipeg Civic Election 2022, Wed., Oct. 26

Responses received from letter FOKP sent to councillor candidates on September 25 and asking for them to reply by October 7.  The letter requested them to commit to improvements to Kildonan Park if elected as follows:

  • Securing investments to improve the multiple use of paths/roadways around Kildonan Park – including a safe connection to the park entrance at Marymound Way – to ensure that pedestrian and bicycle traffic has a safe, separated route from vehicles.
  • Construction of a digital announcement board near the Main Street entrance to the park, advising community members of upcoming events and programming at the park.
  • Installation of electronic sign/s in the park advising motorists of their speed, alongside additional traffic calming measures, to ensure that the 30 kilometer per hour speed limit is adhered to by vehicles on park roads.

The letter was sent to candidates in electoral wards around and nearby Kildonan Park as follows: Elmwood-East Kildonan Ward: Jason Schreyer and Ryan Kochie; Mynarski Ward: Ed Radchenka, Ross Eadie, Steve Snyder, Natalie Smith, and Aaron McDowell; Old Kildonan Ward:  Devi Sharma; Point Douglas Ward: Joe Pereira, Vivian Santos, and Moe Eltassi; and North Kildonan Ward: Jeff Browaty and Andrew Podolecki.

Responses received from candidates to-date include:

Sept. 26:  Joe Pereira, Candidate for Point Douglas

Kildonan Park is a park that is close to my heart, very important and yes well visted, you have my full support whenever needed and I agree with all improvements or continual improvement to our beautiful park.  It has been said that one’s blood pressure drops significantly one visiting a park like Kildonan Park.  The park is part of a healthy life style and gives back in so many ways. Thank you for reaching out. 

Sept. 26:  Vivian Santos, Councillor and Candidate for Point Douglas

Thank you for contacting me thru my website.  In reviewing your list of what improvements can be made to Kildonan Park, they are not unreasonable at all and should be a very affordable to implement.

I am curious tho, have you asked the Parks & Open Space Division of how much these improvements would cost? It might be something that all nearby area Councillors could pitch in together to fund it through Land Dedication Reserve Funds – this is just an idea.

If you don’t know the costs, that is fine.  I would be happy to work with you (and whoever the area Councillor is) after elections to discuss a path moving forward.

Sept. 27:  Ryan Kochie, Candidate for Elmwood-East Kildonan

I do love Kildonan Park and take my kids there often, especially the pool and splash pad area, the Witch’s Hut, and just the fields and trees and walking areas. I feel that the park and others like it such as Assiniboine Park are very important to the city and the people that live in it, as having that green space and a place for recreation within walking/biking distance is critical to a vibrant healthy community. I would also like to see Harbourview park revitalized as I know it is in need of new amenities, paths, and trees. I would support Kildonan Park in continuing to make it a great place for all people to come and safely visit, including more signanage and better enforcement of safe speed limits within the park.

Thank You.

Oct. 1:  Steve Snyder, Candidate for Mynarski

I can say that I will commit to all three of these investments in Kildonan Park.  Kind regards.

Oct. 3:  Jeff Browaty, Councillor and Candidate for North Kildonan

Thanks for the note. I definitely support Kildonan Park and the majority of the items you mention sound like reasonable park improvements. Take care.

Oct. 8:  Natalie Smith, Candidate for Mynarski

Thank you for your continued advocacy for Kildonan Park.  We are very lucky to have such a gem of a park so close to our homes.  I support your campaign and I commit to working for the following if elected City Councillor: (listed verbatim what was in the FOKP letter).

Oct. 11:  Ross Eadie, Councillor and Candidate for Mynarski

     Thank you for the reminder of the purposes of the Friends Of Kildonan Park which I assisted in its inception.  It was good to hear its members were able to re-invigorate the organization.

     As you know, I am always working for a better future for Kildonan Park as part of my responsibility and my love of the park I played in going back to 1970.  You may have seen my post related to the Free Press article about the park.  Currently, Councillor Sharma and I are actually trying to ensure our excellent park restaurant will renew a contract to have Prairie’s Edge continue its service to park goers.  Vandalism and crime has come to Kildonan Park in a harmful way to services being provided in the park.  To that end, we continue our work as Councillor Browaty, Councillor Sharma and Councillor Eadie always do.

     Your reference to the entrance at Marymound is well taken, and it could be achieved through my efforts to get more money into the Local Road Renewal program so the Seven Oaks Neighbourhood can see Scotia from Leila to the Scotia gate at Armstrong and Marymound Way from Forrest to Armstrong rehabilitated or reconstructed.  These roads are a very important part of our active transportation route.  The Mynarski Ward and city wide problem though means almost all of the Mynarski Ward neighbourhoods are demanding their green ways and local roads get fixed.  Given your stong advocacy for active transportation, you should be glad to know I was able to prioritize the road renewal on the Machray Avenue green way and the Powers Street green way from Salter to Powers and around the corner on Powers to Cathedral.  I used this Powers Street green way to take Councillor Gillingham north to the Chief Peguis intersection onto the North Winnipeg Park Way into Kildonan Park and beyond.  So, yes there is more work to do for active transportation.

     In terms of the signage, it has been a pain to get the Public Service to change signage policy to accommodate Rainbow Stage, Prairie’s Edge and to adopt a digital sign presentation.  I haven’t reviewed the Kildonan Park Master Plan lately, but I do believe there was something about signage in it.

     As you know, money within the City of Winnipeg’s budget is very hard to find, and I would ask you and the Friends Of Kildonan Park would consider a cost benefit analysis of using posted speed signs.  I’m assuming solar powered would be the preference.  Has the Friends of Kildonan Park asked for a speed study, and did the Traffic Branch undertake such a study?

     To conclude, I do realize this message is late, but if you could still post it, I would appreciate that effort.