Kildonan Park Green Space

3 thoughts on “Kildonan Park Green Space

  1. I have been coming to Kildonan park since my parents use to bring us toboggan ING and ice skating. And swimming at the pool when it is open.
    Now I still enjoy the park quite often I enjoy the flowers in summer and nature ducks, birds etc. It is too bad there isn’t a more affordable place to eat ! The new restaurant is okay but not for the average low budget.
    Why do they not have Memory Stones as they do at Assiniboine Park has, with donations shared on behalf of those family members who also enjoyed this park ? God bless this Kildonan park that it stays and not be turned into condos as once mentioned in newspaper or tv news shows!

  2. feeling fortunate to walk about and meet the wonderful people of the neighbourhood
    lynn, loretta-sue, and abigail-bleu, friends of kildonan park

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