Who Are We?

NOTE UPDATE 2022:  The group has been inactive for the last few years.  COVID-19 has prevented group meetings and continued interest in the group is unknown.  If you have an interest to be part of the group, please use the contact form.  It is hoped to get the group together again when COVID is no longer an issue.

A group of citizens interested in the well being of the park first got together in 2013 to form Friends of Kildonan Park (FOKP).  FOKP is a non-profit organization run by volunteers that was incorporated in 2013.  The group initially gathered their thoughts on the likes, concerns, ideas, ongoing and potential changes to the park, along with development of a Mission Statement.

By-laws for FOKP were developed and passed by the membership in 2015.  An annual membership fee of $10.00 per person is required to be a member. Membership provides a voting right at members’ meetings.  This fee also helps with costs related to an ongoing annual incorporation fee, website operation, and other costs associated with operating a volunteer organization.  The city councillor for the Mynarski Ward, Ross Eadie, also has provided some operating funds to the group.

Non-members are welcome to attend FOKP meetings and may have some input on ideas and issues, but would not be able to vote if one was required.

The park provides a variety of activities for its attendees, and FOKP volunteers want to ensure the park can meet and even better its importance for present and future generations.

If you are interested in becoming a member, even to just provide moral support for the volunteers running the group, please contact us by using the contact form on this website.  There is always strength in numbers. 

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