Minor or Shorter Term Goals

1) Improve the cross country ski experience in the park and adjacent Kildonan Golf Course.

  • Continue to work with Parks and Golf Course management to improve trail development, grooming, and access;
    • Parks installed a gate in 2015 on the western fence just north of the Lord Selkirk Creek west bridge to allow skiers easier access near the pavilion area;
  • Seven Oaks School Division and the Golf Course made arrangements for students to use the club house in winter for student skiers.

2) Have the Kildonan Park dock re-established.

  • Provide a suitable mooring spot for boaters visiting the park as well as providing an aesthetic spot from which to view upstream and downstream of the river, and to fish;
    • People often fish from a few spots on the banks of the Red River in the Park and the dock was popular for fishing when it was in service years ago.

3) Have a similar number of trees replanted each year as diseased and older mature trees are removed.

  • FOKP also would like some input as to where some trees are replanted. New plantings are not always occurring in some areas where many mature trees were removed;
    • examples include removal of numerous trees from the double row that encompassed the western dirt/grass trail adjacent to the golf course (these provided a nice aesthetic walking view as well as shade on hot summer days – other varieties such as column cedars in this spot would also provide some wind shelter to cross country skiers in winter); and
    • re-plantings near some dedicated benches (provide families that have a dedicated bench an option to have a new tree planted where one has been removed). 

4) Other general comments include:

  • bring four seasons of life to the park;
  • give voice to users of the park;
  • be a stewardship liaison between users and the City;
  • conserve and enhance natural green space and woodland areas that includes woody stemmed underbrush;
    • re-establish/recognize the dirt/grass trail along the perimeter edge of the park for those who want distance from vehicular traffic and a more natural trail experience than hard surfaced developed trails;
  • recognize and promote the cultural heritage of the park;
  • establish some garbage collection boxes along the river trail adjacent to the golf course;
  • put accordion divider in middle of each picnic shelter site to allow for privacy separation when different groups renting both spots or fully open if one group rents both spots;  
  • get better lighting for skating pond; and
  • promote establishment of handicap drop-off zones adjacent to picnic shelters.

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