Major or Longer Term Goals

1) Have a modern washroom facility established adjacent to the children’s playground area:

  • Washrooms in the Peguis Pavilion are too far away for young children playing on the structures and suddenly desperate to use the toilet;  
  • Currently, parents are discouraged or not allowed to let their children using the playground structures to use swimming pool washrooms;
  • Rainbow Stage washrooms are only available to patrons of that facility during performances;
  • New public washrooms are a capital project that will require proper design, planning, and funding.

2) Have improvements to the perimeter roadway and/or a new path established adjacent to this road for better and safer walking, jogging, roller blade, and cycling activities:

  • The perimeter roadway is currently too narrow to safely accommodate parked vehicles, moving vehicles, walkers, joggers, roller bladers, and cyclists, especially when it gets congested on busy weekends;
    • Adjustments such as road widening are needed to better suit the multiple uses required of the road; or
    • A new path for these activities separate from auto traffic is needed as was suggested in the Kildonan Park Master Planning Document by Scattiff, Miller, and Murray Inc (~ 2009?) Kildonan Park Master Planning Document (page 31);
  • The road surface needs upgrading to reduce risks to roller bladers from a rough surface and cracks.  

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